The astronomers, the experiments and the preparations...
(photographers : P. Plailly & T. Legault)


The observation of the eclipse by the teams of  IAP (Paris Astrophysics Institute), IAS (Spatial Astrophysics Institute), CNES (Spatial Studies National Center) and OBSPM (Paris-Meudon Observatory) took place from the vast compound of the Petroleum National Institute set not far from Sumbe. There also were amateurs from different origin: France, Portugal, Austria...

For more information about the experiments and the scientific results, see

June 18: general view of the 'Workshop' gathering scientists and officials
Some participants
The official platform ; from left to right: prof. Domingos (Agostinho Neto university science faculty head), general Higino Carneiro (Kwanza-Sul province governor), Mr Burity da Silva (minister for education and  president of the interdepartmental executive commission for the June 21 2001 eclipse), Mr Pedro Teta (vice-minister of science and technology and coordinator of the interdepartmental executive commission for the June 21 2001 eclipse), Serge Koutchmy (responsible for the IAP mission)
At left Philippe Plailly, photographer of the Eurelios agency
Serge Koutchmy during his talk. Irrefutable proof that we actually are in the southern hemisphere: everything is upside down...
The questions session
June 20: the IAP (et al) observation site
My instruments : a refractor used for the images taken with the digital camera and in parallel a small telescope with a binocular viewer for visual observation, on a small equatorial mount (a total luggage weight of 65 kg: hot sweat for the luggage transport and cold sweat for their check-in in the airports...)
Jean Mouette (IAP), Serge Koutchmy and the experiment with the siderostat and the radial neutral filter
Serge Koutchmy and the corona deep spectrum experiment
Daniel Crussaire (OBSPM/SAF) and the helium D3 line experiment
Christian Viladrich and the coronal green line experiment
Jean-Pierre Delaboudinière (IAS) and Philippe Marty (IAS), white corona and electronic densities experiments
Philippe Marty and Christian Viladrich
Philippe Marty prepares the eclipse live broadcast
The observatory from another angle
Jean Mouette and an Angolan photographer
Hubert Diez (CNES) and the Inmarsat system for the broadcast at Le Bourget show
Jean Mouette and Serge Koutchmy
Jean Mouette and Christian Viladrich
The spectroscopy experiment assistant, Serge Koutchmy and Jean Mouette
An instrument on another site (Czech?)
One again...
...and another one !
Philippe Marty explains how to observe the eclipse...
...and distributes the solar goggles
The Angolan television prepares...
...the interview of Pedro Teta, vice-minister of science and technology
The stress increases as the eclipse approaches
After the eclipse...the heroes are tired (at left Robert Roblet, sturdy eclipse hunter aged 86)