ISS PASSAGE ON 04/24/2010 - 3D VIDEO

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This sequence of the passage of the International Space Station has been taken on April 24 2010 at 3:43UT from the area of Orleans (France). It is accelerated 2.5 times (acquisition at 10 fps, video at 25 fps). The altitude of the ISS is 360 km (200 miles), for a size of a hundred metres (the apparent size of a car at about 10 miles). The speed of ISS is 17,000 miles per hour and its angular speed at zenith is 1.2 per second.

The shooting equipment is described in detail in this page. The 900 frames of the sequence has been registered and combined by groups of 15 (processing with Prism and VirtualDub). This video needs Flash Player 10. Click on the small square with an arrow inside (video menu) for fullscreen view.


Downloadable DivX file (for private show only).

Below, the same sequence in 3D. The orientation in space of the main structures is well visible: for example, the large radiators are tilted by about 45 towards the main ISS axis and the articulated arm (remote manipulator system) is heading for the Earth.

To look at the sequence in 3D:
- squint (cross the eyes) to see 4 images of the ISS
- merge the two central images
- amongst the three images finally visible, concentrate only on the central one

This method may require a bit of training if you are not used to squint but it gives a very realistic view (and it does not need special 3D glasses!).


Downloadable DivX file (for private show only).

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