All images taken with Celestron C14 EdgeHD (356mm) and Skynyx2.2 camera from Paris suburbs. Processing with Autostakkert, Iris and Photoshop.
Best view of the images with full-HD screen in subdued surroundings.

Clavius (sept 8th):

The area of Moretus (sept 8th):

Arzachel and the Straight Wall (sept 8th):

Deslandres and Pitatus (sept 8th):

Copernic and Stadius arena (sept 8th):

Plato, Mons Pico and Montes Teneriffe (sept 8th):

Ptolemaeus and Alphonsus (sept 8th):

Sinus Iridium (sept 9th):

Copernic and Stadius, closer to the terminator (sept 9th):

The area of Clavius (sept 9th):

Bullialdus and Hippalus rimae (sept 9th):

The area of Pytheas: