All images taken with Celestron C14 EdgeHD (356mm) and Basler camera with IMX174 sensor. Processing with Autostakkert, Iris and Photoshop.

Janssen (September 2nd):


Area of Moretus (September 2nd):

Area of Piccolomini (September 2nd):

Rima Cauchy (September 2nd):

Fracastor (September 2nd):

Lacus Mortis (September 2nd):

Area of Philolaus (September 2nd):

Posidonius (September 2nd):

Rima Gutenberg (September 2nd):

Rima Jansen (September 2nd):

Area of Stöfler (September 3rd):

Area of Philolaus (September 3rd):

Aristote, Eudoxe (September 3rd):

Anaximandre (September 6th):

Bouillaud (September 6th):

Clavius (September 6th):

Pitatus (September 6th):

Schröter's Valley (September 6th):

Copernic (September 6th):

Gulf of Iris (September 6th):