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Various satellites

Double transit of the Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-10

First image ever of a solar transit of the Chinese space station Tiangong-1!

Lightsail solar sail tumbling over France


Yaogan 6 tumbling and flashing


Iridium flare over Jupiter on May 13 2015


Low passage of Protostar2 (Breeze-M) tank on March 13 2015


Yaogan triplets in real-time

Iridium flares in real-time

January 2012: the spy satellite Lacrosse 5 and its "disappearance trick"

October 2011: the satellite ROSAT a few days before reentry

September 2011: the satellite UARS a few days before reentry

April/May 2011: spy satellites (X-37B, Keyhole, Lacrosse)

Phobos-Grunt a few days before reentry


International Space Station and Space Shuttle

The ISS transits the Sun and a prominence


Transit of the ISS during the lunar eclipse of Sept 28 2015


STS-135 (Atlantis): the last images of a space shuttle in orbit!


May 2011: the shuttle mission STS-134 (Endeavour) in 3D video and solar transits


February 2011: the shuttle mission STS-133 (Discovery) in 3D video
First-ever ground-base image of astronaut in spacewalk!


January 4th 2011 : double solar eclipse : by the Moon and by the Space Station!


Two shadows in front of the Moon: the solstice 2010 eclipse
over Mont-Saint-Michel and a transit of the ISS


Atlantis and the ISS in front of the Sun on May 22nd 2010
from Switzeland


Atlantis and the ISS in front of the Sun on May 16th 2010 from Spain


Passage of the space station in 3D video


The space shuttle Discovery during STS-131 mission


The shuttle Endeavour and the ISS in front of the Sun on July 26th 2009


The shuttle Atlantis and the Hubble space telescope photographed
for the first time in front of the Sun!


The launch of Atlantis on May 11th 2009