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Recent images and videos My best images and videos
The clearest lunar crescent ever, 12000 pixels wide! February 2011:
the shuttle mission STS-133 (Discovery) in 3D video

First and only ground-base image of astronaut in spacewalk by amateur telescope!
Saturn and 2 satellites in rotation during 40 minutes,
plus a spoke in the B rings
The Moon in August 2016:
the largest and sharpest quarters ever!
High resolution solar granulation animation and pictures showing the Wilson and Evershed effects
August 2023
Indonesian volcanoes time-lapses, night and day
Transit of the ISS in front of sunspots
during a spacewalk!

July 8th 2013:
The New Moon crescent

World record!
Jupiter, the Moon and Venus, February 22 2023 Lunar transit of the ISS
Expedition 50 with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet
The partial solar eclipse of Oct 25 2022
when the Moon hides a huge prominence
Spain, May 16th 2010:
Atlantis and the ISS in front of the Sun
2 airplanes in front of the Sun Switzerland, May 22nd 2010:
Atlantis and the ISS in front of the Sun
Jupiter & Saturn 2022 from the French Alps Very large prominences of April, May and September 2015 -
Trip in Namibia: lunar eclipse, Namib desert, Etosha national park, Fish River canyon High resolution H-alpha solar images
with C11 HaT telescope
Moonrise and Sunset at the Triumphal Arch January 31st 2018: the lunar eclipse over Singapore bay -
Moonrise and Moonset at the Eiffel tower November 3rd 2017: the full Moon rises over the Empire State Building, New York -
Noctilucent clouds over Paris, July 6 2022 July 26th 2018 : the 4 bright planets (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), the Moon and the ISS filmed over Los Angeles
Solar transit of the ISS with the Sigma Art 60-600 telephoto lens Lunar images of August 2015 -
  May 2 2022: Mercury, the Pleiades and the Moon Lunar images of September 2015 -
January 18 2022: my best lunar transit! June 3rd 2017: passage of the SpaceX CRS-11 Dragon filmed over France -
Thomas Pesquet, June 2021: the partial solar eclipse
and the installation of the new IROSA solar arrays
Astronomy in Puerto Rico: one night at the bioluminescent bay and a visit to the Arecibo radiotelescope -
The exceptional conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
December 22 2020
Philadelphia, May 9th 2016:
solar transits of Mercury with the ISS and a plane
The occultation of Mars by the Moon from Portugal
September 6 2020
Iridium flares in real-time -
Mars in 3D stereo with the Pic du Midi 1-meter telescope
October/November 2020

Florida, May 2009:
the shuttle Atlantis and the Hubble space telescope photographed for the first time in front of the Sun!
The comet Neowise over the Mont St Michel
July 12 2020
May 2017: the ISS marathon (4 passages in 1 night) -
ISS solar transits with the CFF200 refractor
June 2020
August 21st 2015:
transit of the ISS in front of a solar prominence
The full crescent of Venus
June 2 2020
The Geminids 2015 in real time with Sony 7S
  3 ISS transits (lunar and solar) without telescope ! Mai 13th 2015:
Iridium flare over Jupiter
ISS lunar transit
April 4 2020
September 28th 2015:
transit of the ISS during the lunar eclipse
2019 July 2nd: double eclipse from Argentina

APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day), August 5th!
June 2013:
Double transit of the Chinese Space Station
Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-10
May 2019 : visit of the astronauts training center in Houston and meeting with 3 astronauts:

Donald Pettit, Steve Bowen and Thomas Pesquet
Spain, March 20th 2015:
transit of the ISS during the solar eclipse
Norway January 4 2019, geomagnetic storm G1 (Kp5): our most beautiful northern lights in 6 years in real time video! 21 July 21st 2011:
STS-135 (Atlantis),
the last images of a space shuttle in orbit!
Iceland, March 2019: photos of the mount Kirkjufell, day and night Spy satellites (X-37B, Keyhole, Lacrosse)
January 21st 2019: the lunar eclipse from the Sully bridge, near Notre-Dame de Paris

...and a transit of the ISS just 2 hours before the eclipse
Florida, May 2009:
The launch of Atlantis

The last Hubble servicing mission!
    Two shadows in front of the Moon: the solstice 2010 eclipse over Mont-Saint-Michel and a transit of the ISS
    Gathering of Venus and the Moon
    Juin 27th 2005:
Exceptional gathering of Venus and Mercury
    Passage of the comet SW3 near M13
    The solar flares of June 6, July 13 and 14 2005
    Solar activity on May 1 2005
    The transit of Venus of June 8 2004
    The transit of Mercury - images and animations
    The annular eclipse of October 3 2005
    The lunar eclipse of November 9 2003
    Comet Machholz and the Pleiades on January 7 2005
    Mars on 08/20/2003
    Saturn with a webcam on 01/05/2003
    The total solar eclipse of June 21 2001 from Angola
    The crash of the comet SL9 on Jupiter in July 1994
    NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 01/29/01:
a plane in front of the Sun!
    September 17th 2006:
Transit of ISS and Atlantis in front of the Sun
    The occultation of Saturn of April 16 2002